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First Unitarian Universalist Church of Essex County

Teams & Committees

last updated May 22, 2017
Team or CommitteeMembersRole
Finances &InvestmentBill Slezak & Cindy LongWorks on Church's financial matters and budgets. Determines nature of accounts in which Invested Reserve should be kept, and monitors performance of those accounts.
Facilities & The HUUBFrank Barszcz & Bill Stafford
Manages and cares for the physical structure and grounds of the church. Serves as liaison between The HUUB program and the Board.
Worship & Music Gregory Giacobe & Darcy Hall Coordinates and plans lay-led services. Maintains and improves worship space. Coordinates usher and altar flower schedules.
Committee on Ministry
  • Gregory Giacobe (Minister's appointee, through Spring 2015)(carryover)
  • Darcy Hall (joint appointee, through Spring 2016) (carryover)
  • Frank Barszcz (Board appointee, through Spring 2017)
See Bylaws Art.13 §§ 9 & 10
Nominating Committee Rickey Slezak (through Spring 2018),
[vacancy] (through Spring 2019),
Greg Giacobe (Board liaison)
To nominate officers & trustees, & Nominating Committee member, for election at annual meeting; and to recommend temporary appointees to fill vacancies.